We have classes for beginners to intermediates and everyone in between. The class is for 2 hrs and includes everything from preparation, safety briefing, warm up, stretches, surf theory, equipment demonstrations, surf simulations, water surf practice, feedback and after class web support.

Group: $80
Individual (1 on 1 Training):$140
2 hr class, equipment included, insurance, water safety. 


We provide the potential competitive surfer with all the necessary support to transform their talent into a promising and successful professional surf career. The program includes both in and out of the water training, with a focus on high performance surfing. We can offer gym, yoga and nutritional assistance. We practice surf heat simulations and can also provide video sessions for analysis.  If you need help to create a professional resume/website, or need support in negotiations with potential sponsorship's from companies, we can assist with all of this and help promote your image within the online media.

Group $60

Individual 1 on 1 Training $100

2 hr class, equipment included, insurance, water safety. 


Surfing can be carried out by all and we cater programs to suit those experiencing and mental health problems or disorders. As well as programs that are dedicated to people with physical disabilities. We can show them how the beach elements can change their perspective and prove that the surf life style is accessible to everyone.

Group $80

Individual 1 on 1 Training $140

Concession Card Discount ( 20% off )

2hr class, equipment included, insurance, water safety. 


We provide a full surf experience including all the equipment, transport (including pick up/drop off at the airport), surf tours, accommodation, meals, surf games, surf movies, yoga plus visits to: Surf Museum, surf shops, surfboard factory (including personalised consultation) and a lot more . So this surf program will improve your surfing ability and confidence on the board.  Everything is provided in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Day Tour Group $160

Day Tour Individual 1 on 1 Training $240

class, equipment included, insurance, water safety. 



We share our surf experiences with dynamic visual presentations for schools, parent groups, companies, events and workshops.  This program explains the benefits of what surfing can do for us both mentally and physically.  It also explains the surfing market, world of competitions, media and a lot more.  This program aims to improve the audiences surf knowledge, builds confidence, help self development, concentration, balance, well-being and creates a good connection with the environment. 

Surf Presentation: POA

Includes: Graphics, movies, slideshow, video conference...


This service is developed to assist companies or individuals who are seeking information regarding the surf market, surf media, surf competitions and other aspects of data. We can also help to develop campaigns, marketing plans, strategies and more. Please inquire within. 

Surf Consultant: POA

Includes: Marketing