Pro Surf Coaching operates in Australia, and is based within the famous National Surf Reserves of Phillip Island, Victoria. We have over 35 years of surfing experience and have developed surf lessons and programs suitable for all surfing levels. From complete beginners all the way to experienced competitors, we can deliver everything you need to improve your skills. Ranging from equipment, guidance within and out of the water, performance videos and continual support/analysis from our lesson. We use all available resources for you to achieve your best surf performance.


Surfing is my life and it started when my dad pushed me to ride my first wave. Many years later I now have a solid professional competitive surfing career behind me, including a National Title in 2001. I have worked for the WSL (World Surf League) for many years and have appeared in numerous surfing magazines and media.


As a competitor I have always trained hard and gave my best to every challenge, striving for greater achievements and success. To make my dream of having a surf coaching business come true I took further studies at university, completing a degree in Business and Marketing. 


From 2005 to 2011 I worked with the WSL as the commentator for Spanish and Portuguese languages. My love for the sea has taken me to complete a Dive instructor course and a Commercial Boat Skipper course, giving me a deeper understanding of rocks and rips in the ocean. Most importantly I am a certified advanced Surf Instructor recognised by Surfing Australia.


Surfing is my passion, I have immense experience and knowledge to offer you and an excellent surf training experience to share. Welcome one and all to Pro Surf Coaching!