By Ed Amorim


Missing the normal world... but what a good time to reset, rebuild, rethink on life. Think about where you currently are, what your doing, what you believe in... are producing right now and what’s the balance looking like to you.


Stay home, stay safe and keep calm... is what l been listening to for days. l have been also thinking about myself more, definitely my entire family and the essentials in life. Yes friends come together with this and I try be there for everyone and make the difference in this delicate time.

Thinking about the good moments in your past helps you take on this challenge with ease and fills up your mind with positive attitudes. When you look back and find your bad memories there is also an opportunity to process them and focus on growing from them. Perhaps learn something you had'nt seen before. Let’s live day by day a bit on the past, a bit on the future and intensify our present experiences NOW.. it can be a dream that everyone has waited for a long time and deserves. 🙏 


Pro Surf Coaching Surf Camp on Mentawai Island was a Tremendous sucesss until we decide to cut the trip short. Our urgency to send everyone back home before all the airports close around the globe became of utmost importance. For the time we had, we made the most out of it with our two groups of students (26 in total) from all around the world. Everyone was super happy and stoked to have the opportunity to improve their surfing at one of the top surf spots in the world. Thank you everyone for the great experience... August and November will see another trip happen, as long as corona virus lets us... 🙏


Atom Surfboards: I have finally had the opportunity to try my atomsurfboard in perfect waves at Mentawai Island.. I never had the opportunity to say thank you @palcininas and the Atom team in making this board for me.. the board flies!


This quarantine dosen't mean you should stop your life. @prosurfcoaching_ is organising a series of on line training session every week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10 am with a bunch of dedicated surf students. Try to organise a space in your house, put yourself in comfortable clothes, everyone is welcome there will be no charge and it’s totally free. We will keep it nice and easy and promise it will make you feel good, relaxed and mobile.

To start it is easy, download the “zoom app” on your phone and send us a message on 0490406005 or for more updates.. let’s keeping rolling...👊💥👊 l see you on zoom app


Skate the island... Our sponsor "Smoothstar" has made history at Kandui Resort during the Pro Surf Coaching surf camp.  Training sessions saw never before skateboard training drills take place on such a remote Island. This has never been done there before and was met with alot of  love. Even some lucky locals had an opportunity to skate and took advantage of this complementary boost to their training in between surfs. Great insights were made while there.


It has been hard to have Easter without our traditional Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. It was looking a bit strange? We send our best wishes to everyone, especially all the athletes that need to work hard at home to keep in shape and stay sharp. We have been missing the show and can't wait to see it all rolling again.


Let’s stay safe... see you soon on the other side..



For More Information: 0490-406-005
Surf Coach: Ed Amorim